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Oh Canada, we long for Spring!!!

Oh Canada, we long for Spring!!!

Mother Nature has a sense of humor, as we all know!  One minute it's -40 C and the next it's +8C.  Warm days that hint at Spring are the perfect time for robust Canadians to take advantage of above zero temperatures to condition manes, tails and feathers with Mane-ly Shock treatment!  

I found using a cheap condiment bottle to mix my product, which I purchased at my local dollar store, is an efficient way to condition all my horses locks.  I made a mark on the outside of the bottle which visually divides the bottle into two equal parts.  I then add conditioner to my mark, topping it off with polisher allowing room in my bottle for mixing when I shake the bottle to combine products well.

I then squeeze the product along the hairline on my horses mane, massaging it into the hair.  I then squeeze more product along the middle of the mane and fold the ends of the hair upward so that I can massage the product into the ends of the hair.  

Tails are done in the same manner.  I focus on the dock area first by starting at the top of the tail working towards the end of the dock I squeeze Mane-ly Shock treatment from top to bottom, massaging the product thoroughly into the hair and skin.  Once attention has been paid to this area I turn my attention to the rest of the tail hair by squeezing product from the dock to halfway down the tail.  I then fold the ends of the tail upwards so that it is easy to massage the product into the ends of the hair.

Feathers on my young horses I find are easily conditioned by squeezing product into my hand, and massaged into the feathers and skin rather than directly from my squeeze bottle as they can't resist playing with the bottle and don't stand as well as if I just use my hands.

Remember, there is a small amount of water in the conditioner, therefore if you apply Shock treatment when temperatures are below zero you can temporarily turn the hair your grooming into frozen popsicles!

Take advantage of the wonderful weather we are having to dream of Spring and condition manes, tails and feathers.

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