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Restore Shampoo

Restore Shampoo

Restore is a clarifying shampoo removing build up, film, dirt, prepared stains, product and hydrates the hair at the same time! Helping it get silky and smoother too! Its not Just a shampoo but one that works with the MLH system….does not dry out or destroy the hair, but leave it clean, and hydrated too!

It is a concentrate and can be diluted when your horse is maintained with our program. The dilution ratiio is aprox. 1/2 cup -to a one gallon – 2 gallon bucket.

Use concentrated for dirtier and stained hair.

MOST shampoos and Whitening shampoos (blueing) work by stripping the stain from the hair. This damages the hair SHAFT as it makes it DRY and BRITTLE and more susceptible to more staining,breaking, knotting, etc…. oh yes a Vicious cycle.

But here’s what is so important; by keeping the hair in tip top condition it is less likely to stain, break, tangle and dry out!! Allowing your horse to maximize its genetic potential too, having a fuller, longer mane, tail etc.;Extremely important to have, to protect against insects, that may cause an array of problems and health concerns.
-Our polisher is the guard to prevent! Keeps the hair strong, with Keratin and Vitamin B. IN addition our amazing 3 layered silicone system, NEVER DRYS OR DAMAGES THE HAIR!!! No alcohols, no drying agents.

The Restore shampoo is gentle deep cleanse shampoo for all hair types. Really cleans without damaging the hair. Once on the MLH program it is important to shampoo with Restore for it will remove the build up of treatment allowing to deep cleanse and Hydrate preparing the hair for the MLH maintenance again. Please note its for horses, dogs PEOPLE TOO (for people 1 x a week)

Our brushes are the best, remember the tools for the right job!

-Our conditioner is magical….multi purpose, used to repair then rinse out after washing and used as a leave in formula(hydrate 24)for the manes and tails to hydrate and keep cleaner;it works by dissolving the dirt, its left in and polisher over, and then for the body as Hydrate 24, to shine and protect the body and keep it cleaner too!
Remember over washing is not good! Mane-ly can be used on dry dirty manes, tails, hair, full body….unique system used with the right brushes, allows for less washing and healthier skin and hair!)

Mane-ly Long Hair does the repair and the preventative work! Keeps the hair, longer , silkier, smoother, and cleaner! Makes it easy for you and your horse.
Grooming is integral to keeping a healthy happy horse and a happy you!