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How to use Hydrate 24

HYDRATE-24 instructions for FULL BODY Application and Manes, tails, forelock & feathers

Hydrate-24 is a leave-in conditioning treatment for the FULL BODY, Mane, Tail, Forelock, Feathers.

It will hydrate the manes, tails, forelock, feathers and add shine to the full body. Keeps the horse cleaner; for it helps to dissolve dirt, keeps greys and flaxen hair cleaner longer too, while making whites WHITE! No bleach, no blue, just pure hydration in a quality system that will not dry or damage hair! Formula Hydrate 24 dissolves through hydration, urine, dirt etc… After buffing the body it will create a shine and protection to the coat, preventing dirt from imbedding and keeping the horse cleaner longer. Also helps to dissolve dirt and staining through our hydrate ingredients.

Also great for dry grooming and cleaning off excess dirt when not washing OR after washing.
can be used daily too!(spray in-between polisher applications too!)

(The mixing LEVELS & how-to-use directions for Manes and Tails is on the Hydrate 24 Mix Bottle .)

Step 1: USE our Durable Flex Curry to loosen and clean out embedded dirt all over the body.
Step 2: Use our Blue Flicker Brush in one hand to remove lifted dirt throughout. In the other hand follow stroke with our Buffer Brush, using a two-hand alternating motion.
Step 3: SPRAY a little Hydrate 24 directly onto our Hydrate 24 Applicator Brush. The best way to apply, it helps to deposit the product and collect the excess lifted dirt off.
As you brush throughout the body coat follow each stroke using your other hand with a second Hydrate 24 Applicator Brush or our Buffer brush.
Final Step: Add more Hydrate 24 if need be, and use our Buffer Brush to buff out, add shine and spread the Hydrate 24.
~Remember you do not need to wash prior to usage.

You will find that the Hydrate 24 helps to lift dirt and stains out!

Manes & Tails: Use aprox. 3 x’s a week for light colored manes, tails, body..helps to hydrate and dissolve dirt, keeps the hair in tip top condition followed with an application of Polisher.

Body: use often to protect, hydrate and keep cleaner longer
-use for spot cleaning too!
– after you ride, spray all over body, rinse with water, remove excess water and reapply with Hydrate 24 brush!
-touch up manes, tails, forelock and feathers daily or several times a week.(leave in)

-Can spray directly onto clean coat or as often for extra hydration and protection

-Can spray onto manes, tails, forelock feathers daily too!

Reapply as needed.

TIP AND TRICK:You will love this formula so much, you might want to blend it into a bullet blender after measuring in your mix bottle, for ease and perfect blend…less clogging of the Hydrasol too!( We learned this from a customer that grooms many horses and uses several bottles a day)!