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Shock Treatment


Take equal parts of our Conditioner/Moisturizer and Polisher/Protector  and mix in the palms of  slightly dampen hands or apply the mixture to slightly dampen hair(spray with hydrate 24 to dampen hair) Distribute evenly throughout the mane and tail . Use approximately a a dollar  coin size OF EACH (remember those) and  LEAVE IN! (do not brush if hair is dry or damaged)

You will find once you distribute it will absorb in the next day or so. It will provide a treatment that will help repair and prevent more damage from the harsh elements. Reapply in a few days if needed. For severe dryness and urine stains( if not dry and urine stains, wash with restore shampoo first!), use every other other day for a 2 week  period or longer, then return to regular maintenance.

After the 2 week period wash (if weather permits) with our RESTORE SHAMPOO, rinse, condition with MLH conditoner, rinse out conditioner, and apply polisher to the wet hair, brush with the detangler brush..and now you continue with MLH maintenance program.

THIS RECIPE can be used on dry dirty manes and tails, no washing needed, or to clean wet manes and tails.

Enjoy this great treatment  weekly , monthly, and use as often as you need too!

Dry Manes and Tails Shock Treatment


(Manely products needed: Polisher/protector and conditioner)

There are situations that occur that leaves our horses Manes and Tails dried out/damaged/stained/ and breakage .  A  few would be over washing, harsh shampoos, poor grooming ,and not using Manely as your regular Maintenance! Cold weather, wind,  and dry climates dry hair out too. Then there are poor quality grooming products that show no results, or in fact create the dryness; whitening shampoos, alcohol base products, insufficient quality ingredients,detergents etc. Then of course there is  our own responsibility in maintaining grooming on a regular basis, which I might add is very easy with Mane-ly Long Hair.

Regular maintenance includes using our products and brushing several times a week. Brushing with our brushes will  help clean the hair and spread the horses natural oils, in addition to distributing Mane-ly Long Hair grooming products. When the polisher is used , brushing is easy and will not damage the hair. THE polisher  protects and prevents…..its magical.

The next step is to apply this great treatment to help repair/restore and improve, prevent dryness, and pull out dirt and urine stains!