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Ultimate Care of Your Horse’s Hair

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MANE-LY Long Hair

Longer, Silkier, Smoother, Stronger Hair! In minutes, these products gently remove tangles, knots, burrs and mats. Mane-ly Long Hair keeps hair tangle and dreadlock free!

Our Story

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Having a few Gypsy Horses that have Loads of HAIR, Mane-ly Long Hair is our only go-to for keeping it in THE BEST condition ever. It helps manage all that hair, keeping it tangle free, silky, smooth, LONG and beautiful in the show ring.

We could not do what we do without Manely Long Hair. We get a lot of horses in for training and they leave with great training and now with the BEST HAIR and they become Mane-ly customers too. Our horses are always in show ready condition even when in training. We get more time to train because they require less time grooming. Thank you Mane-ly for making it easier.

We groom and maintain our Bearded Collie with the Manely Long Hair Range. It keeps his hair fluffy, detangled and in show condition! Great for Dogs. I recommend it hands down!

As a Breeder for Fell Ponies, we manage tons of hair!  Serious Hair Gene. Our horses are out in Pasture,  we rarely get tangles, because we maintain with Manely Polisher, if we do they are out in seconds!! Apply to dry hair, it’s so easy! Thank you Manely!

Sophie Foy, Spring Branch Stables
Allison Zarembowiscz, Horse Trainer
Bill Gordon
Dream Hayven Fell Ponies, Fell Pony, Dream Hayven Farms

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  • No toxic dyes or inks
  • No sulfates
  • No BPAs
  • Paraben free

I'm new to the products, what should I buy first?

We recommend a Starter grooming kit. Supreme has everything one would need for the entire horse, manes, tails, forelocks, feathers, and full body care.

If you are not ready for the full system, then start with the Polisher/Detangler and Hydrate 24, and a Detangler brush. Then add the restore shampoo and the body brushes. Remember as a system show ready results, easier maintenance and healthier hair care .

What's the shelf life?

Our products have a shelf life of 18 months from date of purchase

Returns Policy

If a product is damaged please send a pic of box and product within 48 hours from receiving to Returns are paid by customer unless it’s a damaged product.

Please note shipping fees are not refundable (if paid by us, they  will be deducted from the return payment). the returned item (s) must be unused.