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Product Directions

O.K. you finally have the product... Directions are on all the bottles and on our website. Scroll down under each product you will find more Detailed info. Please read the FAQ questions and answers, and the videos are extremely helpful.                                     Here are some answers to some of your questions.

Do I need to wash my horse before using the products at anytime?If you have used other products;  oil based, waxy, build up or any natural oil extract in them, including fly sprays, or layered with dirt and mudd, the answer is YES; you will need to wash with our Restore shampoo! The other products will prevent our product from penetrating and not absorbing properly into hair. Even while using the MLH system wash periodically and if you are using any oil base fly, spray more often, the oil prevents ours from working. Please refrain from spraying fly sprays onto the manes and tails to prolong MLH treatment, if not wash more often.

Manes and Tails are Dry and Brittle what do I do?
Answer: Do not wash (unless other product is in) and do not to brush for a 1 – 2 weeks!!! Please use our Dry Manes and Tails recipe (SHOCK) every few days for 1-2 weeks to help repair and nourish the hair quickly! Now after that you can start to wash with the restore shampoo, rinse, apply conditioner after, rinse. Use all over body, manes tail etc, use the hose to dilute and distribute throughout and rinse out. Now apply generous amount of polisher to the wet manes and tails, forelock and feather too! Take the detangler brush to the wet hair , start at the bottom and work upward! Get into the dock and the crest of the mane. Finish the body with an application of Hydrate 24, buff to add shine and extra protection.

Question: How do I get my horses manes and tails the whitest and stains removed?

-First Use the dry manes and tails treatment SHOCK (info brochure enclosed) follow this program once complete then you can start your wash then maintenance.
-After SHOCK treatment / *Wash:  After treating with shock now wash with Restore shampoo it will now deep clean without damaging or bleaching the hair, through hydration. (The stain and dirt will now wash out easily.) IF some staining resides continue with the shock treatment again. Once treated then wash with restore, after rinse out shampoo, apply conditioner, rinse out, then apply Polisher over wet mane, tail, feather, forelock and brush with detangler brush, DONE! Finish the Body with Hydrate 24, spray on and buff out for shine and added protection.

When Maintaining and Dry grooming follow the Hydrate 24 steps (brochure enclosed) …the Hydrate 24 video online is great too!

Maintain weekly (Minimum 1-2 x’s a week with Hydrate 24 and Polisher, more often is great). Use Shock as maintenance several times a month.