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Our Mane-ly Long Hair adventure first begins with the story of Willow Welsh Corgis & Gypsy Cobs.

It is one that spans over 30 years and began with the love of horses and the purchase of our first two Welsh Corgis, Max and Dixie. Also, growing up around horses, Sandy always had her eye on the beautifully majestic Gypsy Cobs, which we have recently added to the family in 2022.
With the perfect duo of animals now on the farm, the continual haircare regiment quickly became a struggle to maintain the beautiful long manes, tails, and fluffy Corgi bums.
We were excited to find Mane-ly Long Hair, and after reading amazing reviews we purchased our first set and were absolutely blown away by the immediate results we saw with the overall ease and health in our animals hair (and our own)!
Knowing we found an amazing product we decided to get our hands wet and begin distributing the product here in CANADA!
We look forward to the many introductions we will have at future trade shows and communications.
The Mane-ly Long Hair Canadian Team
Keith, Sandy, Jenna & Samantha