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Have questions? We have answers.

I am new to the products, what should I buy first?

We highly recommend a Starter Grooming Kit for outstanding results. Supreme has everything one would need for the entire horse, manes, tails, forelocks, feathers, and full body care.

If you are not ready for the full system, then start with the Polisher/Detangler and Hydrate 24, and a Detangler brush. If you love this, then add the restore shampoo and the body brushes.

Get show ready results, easier maintenance, and healthier hair care!

How do I use the products?

Visit our instruction page here!

Can I use on fake tails?

Some Horses use a Fake tail for show. If this is the case Use Mane-ly Long Hair on your Fake horses tails. We have been told by our customers how great it works!!! The fake tails are very expensive and these products will take good care of your fake tail.

Will it make the hair grow?

This product will maintain the health of the hair, which will allow the hair to grow in a very healthy state.

Often times, hair has been mishandled in grooming, causing breakage.

Using our full system allows for no pulling when brushing. It also reduces bugs, which will prevent scratching and pulling by the animal. If the hair isn't growing, be sure to check horse's health, feed related or genetic related issues.

How do I remove a tangle?

Do not wash the hair before! The water will tighten the tangle and cause more breakage!

Apply a heavier application  of the Shock treatment or Detangler to dry, dirty hair. Let sit in a few minutes or longer, for easier and faster results. Leaving it overnight is great for bad tangles!

Start with your fingers, from the bottom up, carefully picking and undoing the tangle or stuck burdock etc. After completing a section use the MLH detangler brush, to pick and detangle, until complete.

For very difficult cases we suggest the Shock. Load it in and evenly distribute, leave overnight.

Next day add Hydrate 24 and Polisher and you are good to go! Faster and easier with less breakage and loss of hair!

The treatment can stay in the hair, it will absorb.

Remember regular maintenance will prevent tangles and burdocks from adhering.

Can I be a Wholesaler?

THE TROPHY LINE LLC IS THE MANUFACTURER  for Manely Long Hair products. We offer a wholesale program to stores, groomers, salons, that are for horses, dogs people too.

We have guidelines that need to match our accepted criteria. Send all questions along with the name, location of your business, copy of your store license, resale number, all contact info to:

What is the shelf life?

Our products have a shelf life of 18 months from date of purchase.

Returns Policy

If a product is damaged, please send a pic of box and product within 48 hours from receiving to Returns are paid by customer unless it’s a damaged product.

Please note shipping fees are not refundable (if Paid by us, they  will be deducted from the return payment). The returned item(s) must be unused.

My Hydrasol Bottle clogs / has droplets in it.

When receiving your new bottles, There might be water residue. All our Hydrasol Spray bottles  are pretested 2 XS. 1x by manufacturer and 1x by us before packing. They are brand new and not reused.

Hydrasol bottles do not have a long life span due to the viscosity of the product. aprox. 3-6 months. Follow our mix directions in the pamphlet and rinse your bottle and spray out after usage.

Mixing your own is still less expensive than buying it as a premix from us, if we did it,  it would cost aprox $15.00 per bottle. So this method saves a lot of $$$$.