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The Dreaded "SNAP".... A Horse's Horror Story

The Dreaded "SNAP".... A Horse's Horror Story

One of the most universal problems that comes with blanketing your horse, is the dreaded static electricity that builds up under the blanket, producing the deadly "snap" that all horses and horse owners dread. 

Mane-ly Long Hair products to the rescue!  Mane-ly provides relief  with its anti static formula.  Mist body hair of your animal with the Hydrate 24 Mixture for rich, moisturizing conditioning.  The anti static formula leaves the hair soft and smooth while reducing static and fly-aways. Perfect for achieving a sleek and polished look!

Use Mane-ly Hydrate 24 on all your four legged friends, and don't forget to put a quick mist into your own hair for controlled shine!

ORDER your Hydrate 24 Today and stop "The Dreaded Snap"