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The Flarisol Spray Bottle

*The Flarisol Spray Bottle (Black Cap)

The Flarisol sprayers are tested at the factory prior to shipment and before packing from the Mane-ly warehouse, and there will usually have some water remaining. Sometimes over the course of the shipment there are temperature changes, and the sprayers develop a “vapor lock” occasionally. If you are experiencing this with your new unused bottle, please gently try the following to release the vapor lock.

– gently TAP the spray head on the table and the sprayer will spray sometimes after the first tap, others after a few good taps. Another trick is squeezing the trigger, you will feel pressure building and squeeze the bottle gently. This also makes the sprayers work.

Please understand that these sprayers work via “pre-compression” which means once they are primed, solution will remain in the chamber. Should these sprayers go through enough of a temperature change, a vapor lock can occur. It appears that this is the nature of this bottle.

To help the extend the longevity of your sprayer after use:

Twist the sprayer off and empty the spray chamber of its solution by spraying until it empties out, then screw back on the bottle for use next time.
Add another step and rinse with warm water too!
-Make sure your mix solution is properly mixed and not to thick, if it has thickened just add hotter temp water before use and shake well to blend.

*please note all sprayers will need to be replaced over usage and time, normal wear when spraying a viscous liquid-Sometimes it’s just time to replace and get a new bottle.