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A COMPLETE system that WORKS! FOR ALL HAIR TYPES AND COLOR. These products will detangle, prevent knots, tangles and assist in keeping the hair stronger, detangled longer and in great condition! Prevents stains from embedding and dissolves them, keeping them out! Best results use as the Maintenance system: approximately . 1-2 x's a week. Easy grooming for the entire horse, dog and people too!

People say our MLH products work like magic…it’s not magic, it’s science…with real world experience.

Take a ratty tail to RAVISHING or Maintain a luxurious Mane and Tail. Mane-ly Long Hair products will prevent tangles, remove them in minutes preventing hair loss, WHILE maintaining a luxurious mane and tail! Grooming is faster and easier too! Allows one to groom regularly without pulling out the hair, hair becomes stronger.

-Apply Polisher to the dry or wet mane, tail, forelock, and feather, leave in. It will allow daily brushing to clean and prevent tangles! The Maintenance and Detangler Brushes along with polisher are the tools to to do the job, no breaking or pulling the hair out!

– The Polisher is to be left in to protect, repair , detangle, relax tornado twirls and curls while strengthening the hair and quality!(use on wet or dry manes, tails, forelock and feathers). It is a non-greasy, long-lasting formula that repels dirt and allows hair, to remain tangle free for days and up to weeks with the right application amount. A single application of the Detangler/Polisher can last approximately 5-10 days and longer depending on the weather, in fact 3-5 x’s longer plus than any product on the market today! Non greasy, no residue. Strengthens De-matts, de-tangles, de-frizz and adds shine, giving a longer, silkier, smoother mane and tail! Start with a single quarter to double quarter size and add more if needed. We recommend applying several times a week for best hair care.

-The Conditioner is a concentrate and a multi use formula! Hydrates and repairs dry frizzy and tangled hair. To be used after Shampooing and then rinsed out. It is also used to make Hydrate 24, and shock. Hydrate 24 is a great leave in for the full body; used for our dry grooming, dissolves yellow, helps aid with continuous detangling( used inbetween your min. 2-3 xs weekly polisher applications) and helps to rehydrate protect and more(read more under hydrate 24 product, and scroll down end of page). May be used on wet, dry, clean or dirty hair. Helps keeps her silky, smooth and stain free with polisher over.

-Also used to make our Shock for discolored tails and dry hair too. (read under product shock)

Our Restore shampoo is deep cleansing, ultra moisturizing, whitening, yet mild(no bleaching, no bluing, or purple.) Works all all hair colors and types, and great for spot cleaning as well as full baths! Restores the shine and body of the hair too! Maintain with our system and restore is a powerful yet gentle ONE WASH!

The brushes are just as important as the products. They are designed specifically to help prevent breakage and maintain the detangled hair – this allows you to brush often and clean hair while preventing tangles! Manely Detangler and Maintenance Brushes are made only by the BEST. These brushes have no seams!! No seams no hair can get cut and break off when used with our product properly. Long lasting and extremely durable.

Small Kit:

12 oz. Detangler Polisher

16 oz. Repair Conditioner

16 oz. Restore Shampoo

Hydrate 24 mix /spray bottle, and “1” applicator Hydrasol bottle

Maintenance and Detangler Brushes

Large Kit:

32 oz. Detangler Polisher

32 oz. Repair Conditioner

16oz. Restore Shampoo

Hydrate 24 mix/spray bottle, push/pull cap and “1” spray on *Hydrasol bottles

Maintenance and Detangler Brushes

2-32oz. pumps

******for more info on each product, please go to the product and read the information